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Published Journals of the Academic Year 2018 - 2019
Sr.No.Applicant NameJournal NameTitle Of PublicationAuthor NameCountry Name
1Mr Ahmed DawoudProceedings of the African Society of Human GeneticsClinical Evaluation of targeted Next Generation Sequencing in Myeloid MalignanciesDahwoud, A.Egypt
2Ms Sarah TESSIERAntioxid Redox SignalPromyelocytic Leukemia Protein,a Protein at the Crossroad of Oxidative Stress and MetabolismTessier S, Martin-Martin N, de Thé H, Carracedo A, Lallemand-Breitenbach VFrance
3Ms Sarah TESSIERNat Cell BioCentrosome amplification cause microcephalyMarthiens V, Rujano MA, Pennetier C, Tessier S, Paul-Gilloteaux P, Basto RFrance
4Ms Sarah TESSIERRNAInhibition of polyadenylation reduces the inflammatory responseKondrashov A, Meijer HA, Barthet-Barateig A, Parker HN, Khurshid A, Tessier S, Sicard M, Knox AJ, PaFrance
5Ms Sarah TESSIERSci SignalComment on « SUMO deconjugation is required for arsenic-triggered ubiquitylation of PML »Ferhi O, Peres L, Tessier S, de Thé H, Lallemand-Breitenbach VFrance
6Dr Richard BurtBloodAcute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL) Cells and Commonly-Used Chemotherapy Drugs Can Induce Bone Marrow-Derived Mesenchymal Stromal Cells to Become Cancer Associated Fibroblasts (CAF)....R. Burt, A. Dey, K. Ng, B. Liu, T. Marafioti, E. Sahai, A. FieldingUnited Kingdom
7Dr Richard BurtBloodThe Relevance of CD20 Targeting of Oncolytic Measles Virus in the Treatment of Adult Acute Lymphoblastic LeukemiaK. Bailey, S. Aref, A. Dey, R. Mitchell, R. Burt et alUnited Kingdom
8Dr Richard BurtBritish Journal of CancerSafety, cost-effectiveness and feasibility of daycase paracentesis in the management of malignant ascites with a focus on ovarian cancerV. Harding, E. Fenu, H. Medani, R. Shaboodien, S. Ngan, HK Li, R Burt et alUnited Kingdom
9Dr Richard BurtNew Zealand Medical JournalWalking to school: frequency and predictors among primary school children in Dunedin, New ZealandS. Yelavich, C. Towns, R. Burt et al.United Kingdom
10Dr Mingjing XuClinical Cancer ResearchNDUFA4L2 fine-tunes oxidative stress in hepatocellular carcinomaLai R, Xu M, Chiu D, Tse A, Wei L, Law C, Lee D, Wong C, Wong M, Ng I, Wong C.Canada
11Dr Mingjing XuGutTSC1/2 mutations define a molecular subset of HCC with aggressive behavior and treatment implicationHo D, Chan L, Chiu Y, Xu M, Poon R, Cheung T, Tang C, Tang V, Lo I, Lam P, Yau D, Li M, Wong C, Ng ICanada
12Dr Mingjing XuHepatologyHypoxia induces myeloid-derived suppressor cell recruitment to hepatocellular carcinoma through chemokine (C-C motif) ligand 26Chiu D, Xu M, Lai R, Tse A, Wei L, Koh H, Li L, Lee D, Lo R, Wong C, Ng I, Wong C.Canada
13Dr Mingjing XuJournal of Clinical InvestigationMethylenetetrahydrofolate dehydrogenase 1-like (MTHFD1L) of the folate cycle confers cancer cell metabolic and growth advantagesLee D*, Xu M*, Chiu D*, Lai R, Tse A, Lan L, Law C, Tsang F, Wei L, Chan C, Wong C, Ng I, Wong C.Canada
14Dr Mingjing XuJournal of EthnopharmacologyBaicalin can scavenge peroxynitrite and ameliorate endogenous peroxynitrite-mediated neurotoxicity in cerebral ischemiareperfusion injuryXu M, Chen X, Gu Y, Peng T, Yang D, Chang R, So K, Liu K, Shen JCanada
15Dr Mingjing XuNature CommunicationHypoxia inducible factor HIF-1 promotes myeloid-derived suppressor cells accumulation through ENTPD2/CD39L1 in hepatocellular carcinomaChiu D, Tse A, Xu M, Di C, Lai R, Li L, Koh H, Tsang F, Wei L, Wong C, Ng I, Wong C.Canada
16Dr Mingjing XuOncotargetPIM1 regulates glycolysis and promotes tumor progression in hepatocellular carcinoma.Leung CO, Wong C, Fan D, Kai A, Tung E, Xu M, Ng I, Lo R.Canada
17Dr Mingjing XuPLoS OneSwitching of pyruvate kinase isoform L to M2 promotes metabolic reprogramming in hepatocarcinogenesisWong C, Au S, Tse A, Xu M, Lai R, Chiu D, Wei L, Fan D, Tsang F, Lo R, Wong C, Ng I.Canada
18Dr Mingjing XuProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of AmericaTransketolase counteracts oxidative stress to drive cancer developmentXu M, Lai R, Lin S, Tse A, Chiu D, Koh H, Law C, Wong C, Cai Z, Wong C, Ng ICanada
19Dr Catherine SawaiCancer CellTherapeutic targeting of the cyclin D3:CDK4/6 complex in T cell leukemiaSawai CM, et al.France
20Dr Catherine SawaiEnviron Health PerspectEffect of bisphenol A on murine immune function: modulation of interferon-gamma, IgG2a, and disease symptoms in NZB X NZW F1 miceSawai C, Anderson K, and Walser-Kuntz DFrance
21Dr Catherine SawaiEur J ImmunolEnergy addiction and lymphocyte differentiation: a new role for the liver kinase B1 kinaseAifantis I and Sawai CFrance
22Dr Catherine SawaiExperimental HematologyNew genetic tools for the in vivo study of hematopoietic stem cellsUpadhaya S, Reizis B, and Sawai CMFrance
23Dr Catherine SawaiImmunityHematopoietic stem cells are the major source of multilineage hematopoiesis at the steady stateSawai CM, et al.France
24Dr Catherine SawaiImmunityRegulation of immunologlobulin light-chain recombination by the transcription factor IRF-4 and the attenuation of interleukin-7 signalingJohnson K, et al.France
25Dr Catherine SawaiImmunol RevRegulation of T-cell progenitor survival and cell cycle entry by the pre-T-cell receptorAifantis I, et al.France
26Dr Catherine SawaiJ Exp MedThe Edelta enhancer controls the generation of CD4-CD8- alphabetaTCR-expressing T cells that can give rise to different lineages of alphabetaT cellsAifantis I, et al.France
27Dr Catherine SawaiJ Exp MedTranscription factor Runx2 controls the development and migration of plasmacytoid dendritic cellsSawai CM, et al.France
28Dr Catherine SawaiNat ImmunolA unique function for cyclin D3 in early B cell developmentCooper AB*, Sawai CM*, et al. *Denotes equal contributionFrance
29Dr Catherine SawaiNat MedGamma-secretase inhibitors reverse glucocorticoid resistance in T-ALLReal PJ, et al.France
30Mr David Cruz HernandezeLifeMultiplexed genetic engineering of human hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells using CRISPR/Cas9 and AAV66. Bank R. O, Dever D. P, Reinisch A, Cruz Hernandez D, Majeti R, Porteus M. HUnited Kingdom
31Mr David Cruz HernandezNature CommunicationsSystematic discovery of mutation-specific synthetic lethals by mining pan-cancer human primary tumor dataSubarna Sinha, Daniel Thomas, et al.United Kingdom
32Mr David Cruz HernandezNature ProtoclsGeneration and Use of a Humanized Bone Marrow Ossicle for Human Hematopoietic XenotransplantationAndreas Reinisch, David Cruz Hernandez, Katharina Schallmoser, Ravindra MajetiUnited Kingdom
33Dr Wenjuan LiaoAutophagyAnti-neoplastic activity of the cytosolic FoxO1 results from autophagic cell deathZhao Y, Wang L, Yang J, Zhang P,Ma K, Zhou J, Liao W, Zhu WGUnited States
34Dr Wenjuan LiaoAutophagyDeficiency of hepatocystin induces autophagy through an mTOR-dependent pathwayYang J, Zhao Y, Ma K, Jiang FJ, Liao W, Zhang P, Zhou J, Tu B, Wang L, Kampinga HH, Xie Z, Zhu WGUnited States
35Dr Wenjuan LiaoAutophagyFOXO3 induces FOXO1-dependent autophagy by activating the AKT1 signaling pathwayZhou J, Liao W, Yang J, Ma K, Li X, Wang Y, Wang D, Wang L, Zhang Y, Yin Y, Zhao Y, Zhu WGUnited States
36Dr Wenjuan LiaoClin Med Insights Blood DisordRibosopathies: mechanisms of diseaseNakhoul H, Ke J, Zhou X, Liao W, Zeng SX, Lu HUnited States
37Dr Wenjuan LiaoGenes CancerScission of the p53-MDM2 loop by ribosomal proteinsZhou X, Liao JM, Liao W, Lu HUnited States
38Dr Wenjuan LiaoJ Biol ChemIkB Kinase ß(IKKß) inhibits p63 isoform gamma(TAp63gamma) transcriptional activityLiao JM, Zhang Y, Liao W, Zeng S X, Su X, Flores ER, Lu HUnited States
39Dr Wenjuan LiaoJ Mol Cell BiolRibosomal proteins: functions beyond the ribosomeZhou X, Liao W, Liao JM, Liao P, Lu HUnited States
40Dr Wenjuan LiaoMethodsThe Comet Assay: A sensitive method for detecting DNA damage in individualLiao W, McNutt MA, Zhu WGUnited States
41Dr Wenjuan LiaoNature Cell BiologyCytosolic FoxO1 is essential for the induction of autophagy and tumour suppressor activityZhao Y, yang J, Liao W, Liu X, Zhang H, Wang S, Wang D, Feng J, Yu L, Zhu WGUnited States
42Dr Wenjuan LiaoNeoplasiaAcetylation of FoxO1 activates Bim expression to induce apoptosis in response to histone deacetylase inhibitor Depsipeptide TreatmentYang Y, Zhao Y, Liao W, Yang J, Wu L, Zheng Z, Yu Y, Zhou W, Li L, Feng J, Wang W, Zhu WGUnited States
43Dr Wenjuan LiaoPharmacology & TherapeuticsReviving the guardian of the genome: small molecular activators of p53Nguyen D, Liao W, Zeng X S, Lu HUnited States
44Dr Wenjuan LiaoScientific ReportsCCDC3: A new p63 target involoved in regulation of liver lipid metabolismLiao W, Liu H, Zhang Y, Jung JH, Chen J, Su X, Kim Y, Flores ER, Wang SM, Czarny-Ratajczak M, et al.United States
45Dr Jose R CortesCancer CellRHOA G17V Induces T Follicular Helper Cell Specification and Promotes LymphomagenesisCortes JR, Ambesi-Impiombato A, Couronné L, Quinn SA, Kim CS, da Silva Almeida AC, West Z, BelverUnited States
46Dr Jose R CortesCurrent Opinion in HematologyThe curious origins of angioimmunoblastic T-cell lymphoma.Cortés JR, Palomero TUnited States
47Dr Jose R CortesJ AutoimmunityMaintenance of immune tolerance by Foxp3+ regulatory T cells requires CD69 expression.Cortés JR, Raquel Sanchez-Diaz, Elena R Bovolenta, Olga Barreiro, Sandra Lasarte, Adela- MatesanzUnited States
48Dr Jose R CortesJournal of Allergy and Clinical ImmunologyOmeprazole inhibits IL-4 and IL-13 signalling STAT6 activation and reduces lung inflammation in murine asthmaCortés JR; Rivas M.D; Molina-Infante J; Gonzalez-Nuñez M. A.; Perez-G M; Masa J.F; Sanchez J.F; ZUnited States
49Dr Jose R CortesJournal of Allergy and Clinical ImmunologyThe leukocyte activation antigen CD69 limits allergic asthma and skin contact hypersensitivityMartin P; Gomez M; Lamana A; Matesanz-Marin A; Cortés JR; Ramirez-Huesca M; Barreiro O; Lopez-RomUnited States
50Dr Jose R CortesJournal of Clinical InvestigationEEF2 controls TNFa translation in LPS-induced hepatitisGonzalez-Teran B; Cortés JR; Manieri E; Mantesanz N; Verdugo A; Rodríguez-Andrés M.E; González-RoUnited States
51Dr Jose R CortesJournal of ImmunologyKaempferol inhibits IL-4-induced STAT6 activation by specifically targeting JAK3Cortés JR; Perez-G M; Rivas MD; Zamorano JUnited States
52Dr Jose R CortesMolecular ImmunologyTreatment of cells with nalpha-tosyl-L-phenylalanine-chloromethyl ketone induces the proteolytic loss of STAT6 transcription factorPerez-G M; Cortés JR; Rivas MD; Masa F; Zamorano JUnited States
53Dr Jose R CortesScience Translational MedicineFirst-in-class inhibitor of the T cell receptor for the treatment of autoimmune diseasesBorroto A, Reyes-Garau D, Jiménez MA, Carrasco E, Moreno B, Martínez-Pasamar S, Cortés JR, PeronaUnited States
54Dr Jose R CortesTrends in Molecular MedicineIs CD69 an effective brake to control inflammatory diseases?González-Amaro R, Cortés JR, Sánchez-Madrid F, Martín PUnited States
55Dr Agatheeswaran SubramaniamCell reportsHepatic Leukemia Factor Maintains Quiescence of Hematopoietic Stem Cells and Protects the Stem Cell Pool during Regeneration.Komorowska K, Doyle A, Wahlestedt M, Subramaniam A, et al.,Sweden
56Dr Agatheeswaran SubramaniamInt J Biochem Cell Biol.MEF2C and CEBPA: Possible co-regulators in chronic myeloid leukemia disease progression.Subramaniam A and Chakraborty S.Sweden
57Dr Agatheeswaran SubramaniamLeuk LymphomaEcotropic viral integration site I regulates alpha1, 6-fucosyl transferase expression and blocks erythropoiesis in chronic myeloid leukemia.Kuila N, Nayak KB, Halder A, Subramaniam A, et al.,Sweden
58Dr Agatheeswaran SubramaniamLeukemiaBCR-ABL mediated repression of miR-223 results in the activation of MEF2C and PTBP2 in chronic myeloid leukemia.Subramaniam A, et al.,Sweden
59Dr Agatheeswaran SubramaniamScientific ReportsIdentification and functional characterization of the miRNA-gene regulatory network in chronic myeloid leukemia lineage negative cells.Subramaniam A and Chakraborty S.Sweden
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